Учитесь у профессионалов - и наградой Вам будет успех!Мы научим любого!Удобный график и режим занятий!

We can teach anyone!

  • Do you want to overcome the language barrier and speak a foreign language fluently?
  • Do you want to be sought after on the labour market, despite the crisis?
  • Are you going to work or study abroad?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Do you have to prepare for the Unified National Examination or an international examination like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.?
  • Are you planning to emigrate?
  • Are you expecting negotiations with foreign business partners?

We are waiting for you at our centre!

Our addresses and telephone numbers

The Central Office FLC "REWARD":

32 Kommunisticheskaya str., Volgograd (next to the Planetarium).

Tel.: 98-09-98

The central branch:

20 Mira str., Volgograd.

Tel.: 25-22-25, 98-09-98

Our branches in Volgograd and Volzhsky:

- in Krasnoarmeisky district tel.: 98-62-20
tel.: 67-05-85
- in Traktorozavodsky district tel.: 98-65-50
tel.: 26-00-06
- in Dzerzhinsky district tel.: 98-69-90
tel.: 54-79-08
- in Voroshilovskiy district tel.: 56-44-55
tel.: 98-05-99
- in Sovetskiy district tel.: 98-25-55
tel.: 98-09-38
- at "Spartanovka" tel.: 98-60-12
- in Volzhsky tel.: 21-00-21
tel.: 21-00-31

Why teach a foreign language at REWARD

We’d like to invite you to work as a foreign language teacher in a professional language school in one of the most attractive and modern cities of Russia – Volgograd (former Stalingrad during World War II where the famous Stalingrad battle took place). Volgograd is situated to the south of the European part of the country on the river Volga and is very picturesque. With a population of over 1 million, it is one of the biggest Russian cultural, educational and industrial centers. The combination of all these factors makes it a perfect place to live and work in. The school central office is located in the very centre of Volgograd in a beautiful place. We are interested in having responsible native speakers who can work independently or in a team with Russian experienced teachers of English.

REWARD is a rapidly developing private language school with offices all over the city. We offer a wide range of group courses (premium groups - 2-3 students, mini-groups 5-8 students) and one-to-one tuition in a number of languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Czech and others. Teaching English includes General English, Business English, Exam Preparation, Corporate Training and tailor-made courses. We teach adults, school children and pre-school kids. Besides we offer a number of creative programs like “English week-ends” outside the city to discover the life and culture of different English-speaking countries - a kind of immersion into the language. On Sundays we have an English Club conducted by Russian teachers of English and native speakers. Volgograd schoolchildren enjoy their winter and summer holidays in our children’s language camps in the most picturesque areas of the Volgograd region.

Our study rooms are designed and equipped to the highest standard. We have an extensive library of up-to-date published ESL materials; our offices contain photocopiers, printers and computer terminals with free internet access. But our greatest resource is our supportive, creative and dedicated teaching staff. The number of foreign teachers is constantly growing. We currently employ 11 native speakers from United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Spain, Chili, and Cuba.

We have the following qualification requirements:

Native speaker of English or other foreign languages taught at school

University Degree

EFL Certificate or an equivalent

Teaching experience desirable.

If you’re attracted by the idea of working in a stimulating and challenging environment and feel that you can make an effective contribution to the company, we’d be happy to employ you on a long-term contract.

Contract Stipulations and Benefits

1. Exclusivity

The teacher agrees to work exclusively for REWARD during the contract period.

2. Contract

The initial contract is for 6-12 months. The contract is renewable upon agreement by both the teacher and REWARD. The length of a contract renewal is negotiable.

3. Working hours

Classes scheduled from 9.00 to 21.00 (Monday – Saturday).

4. Starting monthly salary

Volgograd: 35000 rubles net for 30 academic hours per week + generous overwork (depending on experience and qualification, increasing each subsequent year).

Saint-Petersburg: 42000 rubles net + generous overwork + shared accommodation or 20 000 rubles compensation and assistance in finding flat

5. Overtime rate

Overtime work is negotiable.

6. Housing

Well located, fully furnished accommodation is provided and paid by the school except electricity, telephone and Internet bills.

7. Monthly Expenses

The teacher is responsible for paying telephone bills. Most teachers pay an average of 5 - 10 000 rubles for food, although the amount varies from person to person.

8. Medical Insurance

All REWARD teachers are provided with regular health insurance, which does not include coverage of dental care.

9. Vacations and Holidays

Teachers are provided with 14 days’ paid holiday after 6 months of work or 28 days’ paid holiday after 6 months of work. Teachers are provided with 14 days’ paid holiday after 6 months of work.

10. Visa support

Foreign teachers are provided with free visa invitation letter and free legal registration of visa during the period of the contract.

11. Travel Expenses

The airfare to Volgograd is to be arranged by the teacher. All travel expenses (not all, reimbursement of economy class flight ticket up to 45000 rubles for those who travels overseas, and up to 25000 rubles for those who travel from Europe or Great Britain) to and back from Volgograd are refunded on successful completion of the contract.

12. Training

The teacher receives free training seminars on methodology of teaching.

See details: Native speakers' impressions


Why study with us?!

  • Highly professional teaching staff – both domestic and native-speaking
  • Innovative educational technologies including Skype and other Internet-resourses
  • "Language Accent" - a unique teaching technique
  • Modern textbooks and learning materials from leading world publishing centres: Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and more…
  • Attractive, comfortable and fully equipped classrooms
  • Constant monitoring of the quality and results of studies
  • Various other opportunities to master a foreign language
  • The best "price-quality" ratio