Учитесь у профессионалов - и наградой Вам будет успех!Мы научим любого!Удобный график и режим занятий!

We can teach anyone!

  • Do you want to overcome the language barrier and speak a foreign language fluently?
  • Do you want to be sought after on the labour market, despite the crisis?
  • Are you going to work or study abroad?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Do you have to prepare for the Unified National Examination or an international examination like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.?
  • Are you planning to emigrate?
  • Are you expecting negotiations with foreign business partners?

We are waiting for you at our centre!

Our addresses and telephone numbers

The Central Office FLC "REWARD":

32 Kommunisticheskaya str., Volgograd (next to the Planetarium).

Tel.: 98-09-98

The central branch:

20 Mira str., Volgograd.

Tel.: 25-22-25, 98-09-98

Our branches in Volgograd and Volzhsky:

- in Krasnoarmeisky district tel.: 98-62-20
tel.: 67-05-85
- in Traktorozavodsky district tel.: 98-65-50
tel.: 26-00-06
- in Dzerzhinsky district tel.: 98-69-90
tel.: 54-79-08
- in Voroshilovskiy district tel.: 56-44-55
tel.: 98-05-99
- in Sovetskiy district tel.: 98-25-55
tel.: 98-09-38
- at "Spartanovka" tel.: 98-60-12
- in Volzhsky tel.: 21-00-21
tel.: 21-00-31

Adult Teaching

We offer a host of opportunities for adults to learn a foreign language within an optimal period of time.

First of all, we would like to invite you to join our qualitative foreign language courses. In our center you can master English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, and other languages, starting from any level. The classes are held at a time convenient for you seven days a week in beautiful and comfortable classrooms fully equipped with audio and video aids.

Обучение взрослыхWe can provide you with individual and group study at your discretion. We also offer mixed study, when you combine group and individual study. For example, you can have two group classes and one individual class a week. We form groups after free testing and of students with similar language levels. To make our classes more effective we don’t form very large groups: in mini groups there are 5-7 students and in premium groups there are 2-3 students. Groups are formed and launched all year round. The usual waiting time is no more than 7-10 days. The duration of the study at any one level is 6 months.

Обучение взрослыхOur classes are conducted by highly qualified and professional teachers with scientific degrees. Many teachers have had training in the best Russian and foreign linguistic and methodological centers. The teachers not only familiar with the latest teaching practice, methods and approaches, but they also love their job. You can choose a Russian or a foreign teacher. We monitor the quality of the classes in FLC Reward. Our managers regularly interview our students about the quality and possible requests. Our senior methodologists visit the classes and give their advice.

Обучение взрослыхWe use the textbooks of the leading foreign publishing companies and copyright learning aids of FLC Reward. In every class we use audio and video materials with unique learning aids developed by the center, which help to improve aural comprehension of foreign languages considerably quickly and take part in real conversation.

To maximize the effectiveness of study we use the most advanced teaching methods and also the most efficient methodology copyright and developed by the center «Language Accent» – the creative synthesis of the best world and domestic achievements in foreign language teaching – and the innovative approaches and decisions of FLC Reward. Using the unique methodology «Language Accent » we can make «a man of few words» speak a lot.

Additional development programs for adults give them a great chance not only to consolidate their achievements but also to broaden their knowledge and skills significantly, remove the language barrier, raise their level of language and broaden one’s understanding of a country’s linguistic and wider cultural heritage.

Welcome to the Two-Year Program
in English
advanced level

"Specialist-translator in business communication"

Переводчик-специалистThis unique author program has been launched in FLC Reward especially for those who want to become proficient in English. The graduates of the program will be able to speak everyday and business English fluently, that can give great opportunity of finding a job in international companies in Russia and abroad.

Each term students have 5-7 different practical subjects taught by professional Russian and foreign teachers, who have scientific degrees. Our teachers have had training in the English speaking countries, they master English and they are devoted to their profession. At the end of the term students take exams which can help us to summarize the results of an individual student in all the subjects.

Переводчик-специалистTo make the study more effective we use the latest materials of the leading world publishing houses in English teaching: Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and others, and also author learning aids of FLC Reward. As an addition to the modern learning video and audio courses we also offer study with original films, materials from leading foreign TV programs, news channels, BBC, CNN etc. using unique learning aids developed by FLC Reward.

The program provides the students with an opportunity to study in Great Britain, the USA Canada, and Brazil.


Why study with us?!

  • Highly professional teaching staff – both domestic and native-speaking
  • Innovative educational technologies including Skype and other Internet-resourses
  • "Language Accent" - a unique teaching technique
  • Modern textbooks and learning materials from leading world publishing centres: Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and more…
  • Attractive, comfortable and fully equipped classrooms
  • Constant monitoring of the quality and results of studies
  • Various other opportunities to master a foreign language
  • The best "price-quality" ratio