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We can teach anyone!

  • Do you want to overcome the language barrier and speak a foreign language fluently?
  • Do you want to be sought after on the labour market, despite the crisis?
  • Are you going to work or study abroad?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Do you have to prepare for the Unified National Examination or an international examination like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.?
  • Are you planning to emigrate?
  • Are you expecting negotiations with foreign business partners?

We are waiting for you at our centre!

Our addresses and telephone numbers

The Central Office FLC "REWARD":

32 Kommunisticheskaya str., Volgograd (next to the Planetarium).

Tel.: 98-09-98

The central branch:

20 Mira str., Volgograd.

Tel.: 25-22-25, 98-09-98

Our branches in Volgograd and Volzhsky:

- in Krasnoarmeisky district tel.: 98-62-20
tel.: 67-05-85
- in Traktorozavodsky district tel.: 98-65-50
tel.: 26-00-06
- in Dzerzhinsky district tel.: 98-69-90
tel.: 54-79-08
- in Voroshilovskiy district tel.: 56-44-55
tel.: 98-05-99
- in Sovetskiy district tel.: 98-25-55
tel.: 98-09-38
- at "Spartanovka" tel.: 98-60-12
- in Volzhsky tel.: 21-00-21
tel.: 21-00-31


Contacts: The Central Office "Reward" - Kommunisticheskaya St, 32

Contacts: (near the Planetarium). Central district, Volgograd.

Tel.: +7 (8442) 98-09-98

EMAIL: flc-reward@mail.ru

Our branches:

- The Branch in Central District, tel: 25-22-25, 98-09-98

- The Branch in Krasnoarmeiskiy District, tel: 98-62-20, 67-05-85

- The Branch in Traktorozavodskoy District, tel: 98-65-50, 26-00-06

- The Branch at "7 Vetrov", tel: 98-69-90, 54-79-08

- The Branch in Voroshilovskiy District, tel: 56-44-55, 98-05-99

- The Branch in Sovetskiy District, tel: 98-25-55, 98-09-38

- The Branch at "Spartanovka" District, tel: 98-60-12

- The Branch in Volzhskiy city, tel: +7 (8443) 21-00-21, 21-00-31


Why study with us?!

  • Highly professional teaching staff – both domestic and native-speaking
  • Innovative educational technologies including Skype and other Internet-resourses
  • "Language Accent" - a unique teaching technique
  • Modern textbooks and learning materials from leading world publishing centres: Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and more…
  • Attractive, comfortable and fully equipped classrooms
  • Constant monitoring of the quality and results of studies
  • Various other opportunities to master a foreign language
  • The best "price-quality" ratio