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We can teach anyone!

  • Do you want to overcome the language barrier and speak a foreign language fluently?
  • Do you want to be sought after on the labour market, despite the crisis?
  • Are you going to work or study abroad?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Do you have to prepare for the Unified National Examination or an international examination like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.?
  • Are you planning to emigrate?
  • Are you expecting negotiations with foreign business partners?

We are waiting for you at our centre!

Our addresses and telephone numbers

The Central Office FLC "REWARD":

32 Kommunisticheskaya str., Volgograd (next to the Planetarium).

Tel.: 98-09-98

The central branch:

20 Mira str., Volgograd.

Tel.: 25-22-25, 98-09-98

Our branches in Volgograd and Volzhsky:

- in Krasnoarmeisky district tel.: 98-62-20
tel.: 67-05-85
- in Traktorozavodsky district tel.: 98-65-50
tel.: 26-00-06
- in Dzerzhinsky district tel.: 98-69-90
tel.: 54-79-08
- in Voroshilovskiy district tel.: 56-44-55
tel.: 98-05-99
- in Sovetskiy district tel.: 98-25-55
tel.: 98-09-38
- at "Spartanovka" tel.: 98-60-12
- in Volzhsky tel.: 21-00-21
tel.: 21-00-31

Learning Russian in Russia

Reward offers a system full of opportunities to master the Russian language. We guarantee high quality and your success!

Learning Russian in RussiaThe “RUSSIAN COURSE” at “Reward” is a unique combination of studying Russian in a native environment with a great opportunity to get acquainted with its fascinating culture, to feel the atmosphere of the modern city with a rich history!

If you are looking for an opportunity both to master the Russian language and immerse yourself in Russian culture, this place is for you! With many classrooms, all fully equipped with computer, video and audio facilities, a lecture room and special rooms for individual tuition, the REWARD Foreign Language Centre provides an excellent environment to study the language.

Learning Russian in RussiaIt is a unique opportunity to combine serious study with an active social life and entertainment. Besides, our students can immediately use their newly acquired knowledge of Russian in their everyday lives.

The REWARD Foreign Language Centre is not just an ordinary language school. We offer a complete package: tuition, accommodation, cultural program, personal care and attention. Our mission is to take care of the interests of students seeking the best Russian tuition from highly qualified teachers together with the best individual care and comfort in a safe and friendly environment.

Learning Russian in RussiaREWARD offers various educational programs, designed and organised by experienced professionals in both education and management who really care about their students.

All courses can be combined with a wide range of activities, including excursions.

In assessing our fees we use the approach "The more you study, the less you pay". Our students will get discounts if the duration of the course is more than 4 weeks. A special price package is available for groups.

Group Formation and Schedule

Learning Russian in RussiaTo ensure personal attention and rapid progress, the number of students in a group is kept deliberately small (no more than 8).

Formation of groups is based on the results of preliminary testing.

We also offer one-to-one tuition.

Standard or intensive courses are available in the morning or in the afternoon.

One-to-one studies are flexibly scheduled, depending on the teacher/student availability.

Learning Russian in RussiaSTANDARD Course

20 academic hours per week including a coffee break with the teacher. Extra hours available on request.


30 academic hours per week. The minimal duration of the intensive course is two weeks. This type of course gives you an opportunity to pass TORFL (test of Russian as a foreign language) (depending on the course length).


Learning Russian in RussiaA special course, designed personally according to the needs of those students who need to use Russian in their business or for the purposes of their work. Each particular program depends on the stated business and professional needs and areas of interest.


All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced teachers of Russian as a foreign language with extensive experience of teaching Russian in foreign countries.

They stimulate and help the students to improve in all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Anthony Baglivio
  Learning to speak Russian has been both a pleasure and a challenge. As a language, it lives up to its difficult reputation. However, with Ekaterina Evgenyevna as my teacher, I am able to challenge my monolingual mind in an academic atmosphere while retaining a positive and open attitude. I have had only ten lessons, and already, waiters at restaurants laugh at me a little less when I order food. I am confident that after I complete Reward's Russian course, I will be able to speak easily with all of my Russian friends and colleagues."

Why study with us?!

  • Highly professional teaching staff – both domestic and native-speaking
  • Innovative educational technologies including Skype and other Internet-resourses
  • "Language Accent" - a unique teaching technique
  • Modern textbooks and learning materials from leading world publishing centres: Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and more…
  • Attractive, comfortable and fully equipped classrooms
  • Constant monitoring of the quality and results of studies
  • Various other opportunities to master a foreign language
  • The best "price-quality" ratio